We are onefourzero

Our data-driven reports and consulting inform commercial decisions for investors and brands, using a unique combination of technology, big data and expert analysts. We source, collect and analyse diverse data streams on digital audiences, brand engagement, market size and reputation combining them into actionable, commercially-driven reports for Private Equity, Venture Capital and brands seeking growth or investment.

By reviewing how audiences search for, interact with and talk about digital brands and technology, we evaluate penetration, positioning and performance. From this analysis we can model attainable future growth in the context of competitors and the broader marketplace.

Digital research and diligence enables our customers to understand market share, opportunity and risk, allowing forecasting and potential growth strategies.

Our Digital Due Diligence service combines our team of analysts with this advanced technology, creating a unique combination that brings you commercial intelligence, market research and analysis – a robust proxy for wider market trends.

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