What we do


Full Digital Diligence and Strategy Consultation

Gathering data on audience behaviour, digital activity and technology development to understand a brand’s equity, penetration, position and performance online.
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Market Analysis

Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, digital market penetration and opportunities for growth.
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Marketing Analysis

Diligence to understand effectiveness, opportunity and risk, and to forecast potential growth strategies.
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Audience Behaviours and Brand Equity

Analysis and attribution through audience behaviour and sentiment indicators to assist in strategic decision-making and efficiencies.
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Platform Analysis

Benchmarking conversion performance against the sector and competitors, understanding trends and discovering opportunity.
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Ongoing Strategy

Data-driven analysis to provide strategy and management consultation for local, national and international implementation.
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Benchmarking and Reporting

Interim brand dashboard reporting for internal performance management across marketing, operations and customer services.
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Sector Insights

Analysis of a sector’s digital arena from a commercial perspective in order to understand growth, risk, opportunities, potential and any significant trends that might be essential for your awareness.
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Political Diligence and Public Affairs

In a changing political environment, regulated markets need to understand the risks and opportunities that present themselves with each seating of parliament. Our policy and public affairs experts can help you manage the risk assessment process before, during and after a transaction, and help to get your brand heard where it matters.
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Cyber Security

How safe is your business from a data breech? Did you know that it can take up to 18 months for an undetected breach to come to light? Do you know that from summer 2018 you can be fined a % of turnover if your are not ensuring information security? Is it worth the risk? Learn more

Dashboard Monitoring

Merging all of our digital data sets into one accessible dashboard, we can provide up-to-date insights for originations teams, portfolio managers and brand directors at the click of a button.
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