Vuja De – how it helps business in 2016

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My new favourite term, quoted by author A. J. Jacobs who describes it as the opposite of to déjà vu. We are all familiar with déjà vu – encountering something new, but feeling that we’ve seen it before. Vuja De is the opposite. You encounter something familiar, but see it from a new perspective.

And that’s the way I feel about digital analytics and business strategy at the moment.  Not accepting things from a default perspective. One that we’ve seen before even if we haven’t seen it before.

It’s hard to keep up with technology innovators, granted. They really have a vision – so what of us, business strategists and executioners who only have access to the tools and insights available?

Wel:  Vuja de.  Not accepting the default leads us to innovate our interpretation and application of what is available to us.  And if done well, to great effect.  My personal parody would be in using digital analytic data to move it out of the marketing world and into the world of due diligence.

Vuja de resonates for me.  Looking at things from a different perspective.  If you can’t do it new, do it different…but better.

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