In my 18 months’ worth of sales and management training with the incredible Marcus Cauchi, I was taught to take people through a journey of discovery to uncover what their true ‘pain’ was. What the real motivations of the client/prospect/person you are talking to are. Recognising how they communicate to engineer the right questions to get to the core of what they really want and what motivates them.

Because as we all know: the first problem is not the true problem.

But it’s really easy to forget this as a person.  As a real-life human being.  Basically, this week I have discovered that unless I am reminded of my own self, I can be crap at remembering to apply it to myself in all situations outside of where I practise it most: in client or staff meetings.

As a result, I’ve messed up a few interactions. Because I forgot what influence my own interpretation, experience and personality type have on everything. However, I was also taught (in lesson and in life) that ultimately you have to own it. I messed up: I own it. Nobody else is responsible for me but me.

Recognising your personality, influence and experience is essential if you want to have productive interactions.  Owning your sh** is essential.  Do not bring your own problems to the interaction – always be focusing on their problem.  Management training 101.

It’s good to be reminded of that from time to time.  Shame it’s usually the hard way 😉

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