Amazon’s investment into pharmaceuticals can reinvent the healthcare industry

amazon healthcare

Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has been conquering industries around the world and mastering the combo low price plus quick delivery. The recent announcement that the e-commerce giant has agreed to acquire the online pharmacy PillPack is just the latest in a series of recent investments and doesn’t come as a big surprise. For […]

The new American mall is an entertainment, not shopping, center

american malls

If around the world retailers are troubled by the impact of e-commerce and a changing competitive environment, the US is where the real “retail apocalypse” has already started. Thousands of shops and hundreds of malls have closed doors in the past 20 years, and more will follow. E-commerce is growing at a double-digit rate every […]

What investment opportunities does 2017 hold?


In light of the Political events of 2016, what does 2017 hold for the Retail, Technology and Finance Sectors?   At the start of 2016, the idea of a Trump presidency or Britain voting to leave the EU was unthinkable. However, only a few weeks before the end of 2016 we are facing a different […]

US Elections 2016: analysis and prediction

US Elections, analysis and prediction

Love them or hate them, someone is going to win the US Elections 2016. Observations: Trump consistently gets stronger responses than Clinton, even when they are negative. The audience either explicitly displays intense admiration or intense hatred for Trump. Trump scores lower for “correctness”, but scores higher for engagement. Check our graphics report to learn […]