Cheers to the beer industry!

beer trends

It may be dry January for many, but here at onefourzero, a number of exciting product developments in the beer industry is making us thirsty. Beer is cool once again, thanks to new trends and innovative products reaching the market in the past couple of years. For a while it seemed like the traditional pint […]

UK more aware of recyclables


Sometimes bad news can bring good news. The increased amount of environmental-related stories in the media, most of them terrifying updates on our suffering planet, seems to be having a positive effect on the public. In the past few years, the number of online searches for information related to recycling has been growing consistently. Since […]

Food in crisis: is Brexit putting us on the Breadline?

Frozen working-age benefits, slow wage growth and rising inflation thanks to Brexit mean that an average household income in Britain will keep stagnating each year. Although many of the low-income families in crisis are working households, in reality, their wages are far too low to support their survival. Oxfam has found that food prices have […]