Casual Dining: Can It Survive the Delivery Boom?

While food delivery is by no means a revolutionary concept, the low-cost market entry for providers means that a plethora of platforms have sprung up in recent years. The services they provide include food delivery, matching gourmet chefs to consumers, farm to table food and platforms for supper clubs, to name but a few – […]

Next Business Analysis: The Wolves are at the Door for Fashion Retail

In light of profit warnings and a share price decline of clothing retailer Next, CEO Lord Wolfson attributed the uninspiring performance to a general decline in consumer spending of fashion due to a shift towards more experiential consumption. We did an exploratory analysis to understand whether a shift in consumer spending is actually responsible for Next’s negative performance […]

US Elections 2016: analysis and prediction

US Elections, analysis and prediction

Love them or hate them, someone is going to win the US Elections 2016. Observations: Trump consistently gets stronger responses than Clinton, even when they are negative. The audience either explicitly displays intense admiration or intense hatred for Trump. Trump scores lower for “correctness”, but scores higher for engagement. Check our graphics report to learn […]

Britain is still good for business…

We have been pounded, pulverised and blown up to smithereens over this Brexit thing haven’t we? But as ever: we will survive.  No matter what happens, this is the U.K. and we can keep calm. Plus, whether we like it or not, it is happened. So here we are going to look for some positives in the […]

Willingness or capacity, which comes first in ensuring digital diligence?


Willingness or capacity, which comes first in ensuring digital diligence? Is ensuring full 360 diligence on your digital marketing and operations a perennial chicken and egg situation as to which comes first: budget or capacity? Or is it lack of awareness that stops companies from investing in this essential intel? Many companies seem stuck or […]