Women in Technology and Data

women in tech

There is a need for more women to enter the technology and data industry, especially since the rise in the digital age following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is no secret that men outnumber women in the IT and telecommunications sectors; within tech and data, the ratio is roughly five to one. We should work towards […]

Rise of the machines: long live robots as investing in people declines

Technology backed B2B investments

With the fourth industrial revolution well upon us, investing in technology is only increasing in popularity. As technology is fully integrated into the way we work, the next stage of development is getting to the heart of the way businesses are run and how we can do things more efficiently – from accounting software to […]

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

The healthcare wearables market is expected to grow to $60bn by 2023. With the trend in fitness tracking wristwatches, in particular, continuing in earnest, onefourzero took a look at how the wider healthcare wearables market is performing online.

Top brands of 2018

top brands 2018

Last week Google published its annual list of the most searched terms and, as usual, we saw an interesting mix of surprising and expected results in each category. But when it comes to investments and the criterion on which we base market trends, which brands won out in 2018? onefourzero used its digital capabilities to […]

Home automation: beyond convenience

home automation

I’m sure we can all remember the early 2000s sitcom jokes about clapping to turn the lights on. Well, today this joke is not far from the truth. Home automation has become a reality. It might not be a clap, but with a tap on an app, we can now control most utilities. And it […]

PFM Q&A with Fleur Hicks


The website PFM (Private Funds Management), published by PEI (Private Equity International), has recently published a Tech Q&A about Digital Diligence with our Managing Director Fleur Hicks. “Technology poses some of the biggest issues for a modern private equity firm. In the second of four parts, leading tech expert Fleur Hicks describes where data fits in […]

Could the age of AI spell the beginning of another Dotcom boom?


Developments in AI, automation, augmented reality and robotics have spurred on changes that merely a few years ago would have been unimaginable. From self-driving cars to drones and even predictive analytics developments in genetic research, every sector seems to be going through significant changes. The Pew Research Centre highlights that nearly half of US adults […]