Easy to be eco-friendly – why should investors care?

Last week, onefourzero published an article on growing demand and investment in the home automation sector. One area of home automation that consumers favoured were products that helped them save energy as well as money, such as smart meters. Today’s consumer is more environmentally conscious than ever before. Searches on Google for the term “eco-friendly” […]

Digital Health: Research says demand for mental health apps on the up and up


The website Digital Health has mentioned our latest research paper on their Mobile health and apps news in brief section. “Demand for mental health apps has increased by 566% and demand for online GP and prescription services has doubled since 2014, new research by GK Strategy and onefourzero has suggested. The research analysed Google search data […]

CCR Magazine: Essex named UK credit card capital


CCR Magazine has published an article based on our latest report, Life on Credit: The New Normal. “People in the South of England rely on credit cards to maintain their day-to-day spending habits while Northerners’ prefer overdrafts, according to research published today by GK Strategy and onefourzero Group. The findings show that reliance on credit for […]

Mirror: The UK’s most common ailment revealed… it isn’t a cold


The newspaper The Mirror has published an article based on our research on health internet searches. “Stomach ache was the UK’s most common ailment last year, internet searches reveal. The second-most-sought page on the NHS Choices website was “chest pains” followed by the pregnancy due date calculator. The results give a snapshot of which health issues really trouble people […]

Local Gov: Phil Hope on the devolution of health and social care


GK associate, Phil Hope, discusses the nuances of local devolution of health and social care following our report ‘Devolution Disconnected: Political Priority, Public Apathy‘. “The Government is devolving budgets and responsibility for health and social care in different ways in different parts of the country including Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, London, Cornwall and the […]

Public Finance: Public is not excited by devolution


Public Finance website has published an article about the latest report from GK Strategy and onefourzero, “Devolution Disconnected: political priority, public apathy“. “The public is becoming increasingly disengaged with devolution despite its political priority for the government, research from consultancy firm GK Strategy has found. In partnership with its sister company onefourzero, GK monitored online […]