Update: Is Britain still good for business now that Article 50 has been triggered?

As our November analysis showed, the low value of the pound post Brexit resulted in a 500% increase in inbound searches for flights and hotels. This finding was in line with ForwardKey’s tourism market analysis report, which showed an immediate increase in international net bookings for arrival in the UK. According to Google Trend data, […]


onefourzero is proud to announce the launch of its latest investment consulting product – the ‘Dashboard’. What is it? A tool for Tracking brands and their competitors.  The one-stop dashboard provides data display and top-line analysis of the digital market you are interested in, including marketing strategy, website/mobile effectiveness, audience movement, sentiment analysis, conversion metrics […]

Cyber Security – what is it and are you asking the right questions?

What is Cyber Due Diligence? It is the testing of digital processes and systems to assess the potential for a data breach of any stored personal data.  This includes 3 main areas: risk management (PROCESS) compliance management / policy arrangements (PEOPLE) technical security (TECH) What are Cyber Threats? Cyber threats come from hackers and bots […]

If You Aren’t Checking What Your Customers Do/Want/Think, Then Who Is?

It’s all very well using digital tools to monitor reception to outbound marketing. It’s also a good step to understand broadly customer sentiment and employ digital customer services agents for consumer brand interaction. But is that enough? I’d say that these days it really isn’t. Granted, there are companies who, 10 years into the social media […]