The Rise of Smart Banks: Trust in Digital Banking

Digital Banks

The nature of banking is changing, and investment opportunities abound. With the rise of the “smart city”, the “smart car”, and the “smart home”, it comes as little surprise that banking is one of the latest industries to be disrupted by technological and cloud-based opportunities. What exactly is a “smart bank”? For consumers, the rise […]

Is Fast Food Becoming a Healthy Sector for Investors?

Over the last few years, a swathe of new fast food brands have popped up. These new brands aim to cater to changing attitudes towards healthy eating and dietary choices. The traditional players in the fast food space, those widely perceived to offer ‘unhealthy’ meals, are beginning to alter their menus, too. Healthy choices seem […]

Fintech and value creation


Technology is becoming central to the delivery of financial services. The potential benefits of Fintech are well documented, with more than a third of financial services firms having already seen a 2-5% increase in revenue from automation, with major contributing factors being quicker time-to-market and better cross-selling. While private equity is typically painted as being […]

Private Equity 2018 in review

private equity 2018

It’s been a tumultuous year, particularly as no Brexit deal has (at time of writing) been reached yet. Still, the private equity 2018 scene overall was very positive, with a large number of deals and impressive exits to mark the year. Over the first 3 quarters in the European private equity markets, deal-making activity has […]

The use of AI in investment decisions

investment decisions

You might have noticed a trend in our blogs over recent months – there has been a recurring theme of AI products that could be a good investment. But what if Artificial Intelligence itself could help with investment decisions just as it can offer excellent customer service? In fact, this learning technology can already assist […]

How Digital Data can change the Pharma industry

pharma industry digital data

Download a PDF version of this article here. The pharma industry is undergoing its most difficult shift in a long time, as the inevitability of embracing digital data and engagement draws closer, and yet compliance and considerations of legislation remain as complex as ever. But, as onefourzero’s data shows, digital data is showing that there […]

What digital data analytics can do for portfolio companies

portfolio digital data

Data is everywhere, and businesses can benefit from this abundance of information in many ways. But how exactly can it make a difference to your investments? Digital data analytics is used to gain insights and drive business decisions by helping you understand a company’s performance and potential. For portfolio companies, digital data can be used […]

Travel Industry Trends

As we have recently discussed, the luxury travel market is booming – but the sun is also shining for other segments of the industry. So what’s next for the travel industry, and what should brands and investors pay attention to in the next 12 months and beyond? Here are the main travel industry trends for […]