Is Fast Food Becoming a Healthy Sector for Investors?

Over the last few years, a swathe of new fast food brands have popped up. These new brands aim to cater to changing attitudes towards healthy eating and dietary choices. The traditional players in the fast food space, those widely perceived to offer ‘unhealthy’ meals, are beginning to alter their menus, too. Healthy choices seem […]

Easy to be eco-friendly – why should investors care?

Last week, onefourzero published an article on growing demand and investment in the home automation sector. One area of home automation that consumers favoured were products that helped them save energy as well as money, such as smart meters. Today’s consumer is more environmentally conscious than ever before. Searches on Google for the term “eco-friendly” […]

Digital Transformation: why and how you should get started

digital transformation

Digital transformation is more than a buzzword touted by businesses beginning to take their website seriously. Properly planned and managed, digital transformation can dramatically change how all elements of a business, internal and external, operate through the use of technology. From operations to customer experience, every aspect of an organisation is “alive” and subject to […]

Home automation: beyond convenience

home automation

I’m sure we can all remember the early 2000s sitcom jokes about clapping to turn the lights on. Well, today this joke is not far from the truth. Home automation has become a reality. It might not be a clap, but with a tap on an app, we can now control most utilities. And it […]

Beyond Bitcoin: Web 3.0 and why it matters

web 3.0

Recent months have seen extensive discussion of what the next generation of the internet, dubbed Web 3.0, will look like. Gavin wood, creator of Etherium, characterises Web 3.0 as having four main components: “static content publication, dynamic messages, trustless transactions and an integrated user-interface”. Another key component of the Web 3.0 is the addition of […]

The new American mall is an entertainment, not shopping, center

american malls

If around the world retailers are troubled by the impact of e-commerce and a changing competitive environment, the US is where the real “retail apocalypse” has already started. Thousands of shops and hundreds of malls have closed doors in the past 20 years, and more will follow. E-commerce is growing at a double-digit rate every […]

Willingness or capacity, which comes first in ensuring digital diligence?


Willingness or capacity, which comes first in ensuring digital diligence? Is ensuring full 360 diligence on your digital marketing and operations a perennial chicken and egg situation as to which comes first: budget or capacity? Or is it lack of awareness that stops companies from investing in this essential intel? Many companies seem stuck or […]

Vuja De – how it helps business in 2016

Vuja De - deja vu

My new favourite term, quoted by author A. J. Jacobs who describes it as the opposite of to déjà vu. We are all familiar with déjà vu – encountering something new, but feeling that we’ve seen it before. Vuja De is the opposite. You encounter something familiar, but see it from a new perspective. And that’s the way I […]