What Is Next For Healthcare Services?

healthcare services

Healthcare services all across the UK have felt the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether public or private, all healthcare services have felt the effects in some capacity. Two areas of healthcare that are seeing fundamental shifts are dentistry and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Both sectors of the healthcare industry are feeling the effects of the strain that […]

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

The healthcare wearables market is expected to grow to $60bn by 2023. With the trend in fitness tracking wristwatches, in particular, continuing in earnest, onefourzero took a look at how the wider healthcare wearables market is performing online.

How Digital Data can change the Pharma industry

pharma industry digital data

Download a PDF version of this article here. The pharma industry is undergoing its most difficult shift in a long time, as the inevitability of embracing digital data and engagement draws closer, and yet compliance and considerations of legislation remain as complex as ever. But, as onefourzero’s data shows, digital data is showing that there […]

Digital Health Age: Huge demand for mental health apps, research shows


The website Digital Health Age has published an article about the increasing demand for mental health apps mentioning our latest research, the Health Tech Report. “Research from GK Strategy and digital firm onefourzero shows that since 2014, consumer demand for mental health apps has increase by 566%. The research analysed online search data and social media posts over a […]

PharmaTimes: Mental health spend must double to raise treatment levels


The website PharmaTime has published an article about the increase in mental health spending in the UK, and mentions our latest Health Tech Report. “Spend on mental health will need to double to bring the proportion of people receiving NHS treatment up from 40 percent to 70 percent, claims a report commissioned by the NHS Confederation. (…) new research […]

BBH: Demand for mental health apps increases five-fold


The website Building Better Healthcare has published an article mentioning our Health Tech Report and highlights the increasing demand for mental health apps. “There has been a dramatic increase in demand for healthcare apps since 2014, according to new research by GK Strategy and onefourzero. Demand for psychiatric support technology has increased by 566%; while that for […]

The Rise of Digital Doctors: the changing face of UK health tech provision

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New research by onefourzero and GK has found that demand from patients for health technology has risen dramatically since 2014. At a time of significant pressure on NHS services, we have found that patients are turning to technology to help them address every-day health issues. Click here to download the full report Key findings: The […]

Significant drop in number of Eastern Europeans searching for UK jobs online

Eastern Europeans

Google searches for jobs in the UK dropped by 35% across Poland, Romania and Bulgaria between 2016 and 2017 Searches for jobs in the UK’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors fell by 34% over the same period Searches for jobs in the UK’s construction sector also fell by 30% Interest in health and social care jobs […]

A Private Choice: the changing face of the UK health market

We are delighted to launch GK and onefourzero’s latest whitepaper on the evolving health market, you can read the full report here: A Private Choice: the changing face of the UK health market Rising demand for private healthcare driven by easy access and consumer choice Increased demand for private healthcare is being driven by consumer preferences […]

Mirror: The UK’s most common ailment revealed… it isn’t a cold


The newspaper The Mirror has published an article based on our research on health internet searches. “Stomach ache was the UK’s most common ailment last year, internet searches reveal. The second-most-sought page on the NHS Choices website was “chest pains” followed by the pregnancy due date calculator. The results give a snapshot of which health issues really trouble people […]