How Lockdown Made Us all Think About Health and Wellbeing


The private non-essential healthcare sector, like many other industries, saw an initial decline in demand when national lockdown was imposed in March earlier this year. As the lockdown eased in May and June, health and wellbeing fast became key areas of interest for the investment community with ‘non-essential private healthcare’ experiencing an atypical rise in demand.

Is Fast Food Becoming a Healthy Sector for Investors?

Over the last few years, a swathe of new fast food brands have popped up. These new brands aim to cater to changing attitudes towards healthy eating and dietary choices. The traditional players in the fast food space, those widely perceived to offer ‘unhealthy’ meals, are beginning to alter their menus, too. Healthy choices seem […]

Probiotics and Natural Energy Drinks: A Growing Culture

Probiotics and Natural Energy Drinks: A Growing Culture

We found that the demand around probiotic drinks has increased, as the general consumer trend of being health conscious spreads. While the growth of generic searches for probiotic drinks is slowing down, specific products, such as Kombucha, have witnessed a fast rise over the past four years.

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

MedTech: Wearables, Privacy & The Quantified Self

The healthcare wearables market is expected to grow to $60bn by 2023. With the trend in fitness tracking wristwatches, in particular, continuing in earnest, onefourzero took a look at how the wider healthcare wearables market is performing online.

The benefits of data for the Life Sciences sector


On the 22nd January, onefourzero attended GK Strategy’s Life Sciences Sector Deal event, which assessed the second Life Sciences Deal published at the end of 2018. For those unfamiliar with the area, Life Sciences sector deals are intended to promote collaboration between pharmaceutical and health tech sectors, charities, government agencies and the NHS. This is […]

How Digital Data can change the Pharma industry

pharma industry digital data

Download a PDF version of this article here. The pharma industry is undergoing its most difficult shift in a long time, as the inevitability of embracing digital data and engagement draws closer, and yet compliance and considerations of legislation remain as complex as ever. But, as onefourzero’s data shows, digital data is showing that there […]

Bottoms up! Boozeless beverages on the rise

healthy drinks

It is undeniable that we are becoming a more health conscious nation, with millions of us hitting the gym, watching what we eat and cutting down on the booze. A study by Nielsen showed that over 25% of people want to decrease their alcohol intake for health reasons. Traditionally seen as big drinkers, 3.1 million […]

Amazon’s investment into pharmaceuticals can reinvent the healthcare industry

amazon healthcare

Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has been conquering industries around the world and mastering the combo low price plus quick delivery. The recent announcement that the e-commerce giant has agreed to acquire the online pharmacy PillPack is just the latest in a series of recent investments and doesn’t come as a big surprise. For […]

Digital Health: Research says demand for mental health apps on the up and up


The website Digital Health has mentioned our latest research paper on their Mobile health and apps news in brief section. “Demand for mental health apps has increased by 566% and demand for online GP and prescription services has doubled since 2014, new research by GK Strategy and onefourzero has suggested. The research analysed Google search data […]

Digital Health Age: Huge demand for mental health apps, research shows


The website Digital Health Age has published an article about the increasing demand for mental health apps mentioning our latest research, the Health Tech Report. “Research from GK Strategy and digital firm onefourzero shows that since 2014, consumer demand for mental health apps has increase by 566%. The research analysed online search data and social media posts over a […]