Fintech and value creation


Technology is becoming central to the delivery of financial services. The potential benefits of Fintech are well documented, with more than a third of financial services firms having already seen a 2-5% increase in revenue from automation, with major contributing factors being quicker time-to-market and better cross-selling. While private equity is typically painted as being […]

Digital banks and the future of personal finance

Digital Banks

Digital banks are revolutionising the way people manage money. In today’s age of the smartphone, more and more customers are joining banks which are fully online, entirely relying on apps for all transactions. It seems banking customers no longer place as much importance on their bank having a local high street branch, which reflects a […]

Beyond Bitcoin: Web 3.0 and why it matters

web 3.0

Recent months have seen extensive discussion of what the next generation of the internet, dubbed Web 3.0, will look like. Gavin wood, creator of Etherium, characterises Web 3.0 as having four main components: “static content publication, dynamic messages, trustless transactions and an integrated user-interface”. Another key component of the Web 3.0 is the addition of […]

Dotcom bubble 2.0? Is the TMT market sustainable?

Remember eXcite, or These darlings of the first tech boom in the late nineties are now best known as symbols of its excess, with stories of private jets, millions spent on advertising and lavish parties before they all collapsed in the dotcom bubble. Even established companies were drawn in. At the height of […]

Is EdTech the new FinTech?


In four years FinTech has taken the financial sector by storm, disrupting an industry that had remained unchanged in the UK since the ‘big bang’ under Margaret Thatcher. EdTech is set to do the same in the world of education, yet is receiving far less attention from the UK investment community and policy makers alike. […]