Data Integrity, Compliance and Assurance

Alternative data

It is essential that data from any source be legally compliant and ethically sourced. That is not up for discussion. But what happens when the lines are blurred? Or laws change? Well, here at onefourzero we trade on good data and ensuring data integrity is at the fore of what we do. We have built […]

Bye, London: Brexit exodus worsen housing crisis in EU cities


Since the Brexit referendum, we have seen financial businesses relocating their staff or operations to other EU financial centres. Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Luxembourg are some of the most popular destinations. However, Frankfurt remains the frontrunner. Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and UBS, for example, have moved hundreds of staff to the German city. As […]

Lessons from payday lending for other financial service providers

Consumer credit is booming in the UK, topping £200 billion for the first time since the financial crisis. Almost half of men and women under 30 regularly use credit to stretch their finances until payday. And a quarter of them are constantly in debt. One in ten have used a payday loan company. The sector has […]