Food in crisis: is Brexit putting us on the Breadline?

Frozen working-age benefits, slow wage growth and rising inflation thanks to Brexit mean that an average household income in Britain will keep stagnating each year. Although many of the low-income families in crisis are working households, in reality, their wages are far too low to support their survival. Oxfam has found that food prices have […]

Update: Is Britain still good for business now that Article 50 has been triggered?

As our November analysis showed, the low value of the pound post Brexit resulted in a 500% increase in inbound searches for flights and hotels. This finding was in line with ForwardKey’s tourism market analysis report, which showed an immediate increase in international net bookings for arrival in the UK. According to Google Trend data, […]

EU Referendum Audience Analysis – what the polls don’t tell you

Yesterday, we talked about how online audience behaviour by volume suggests that the Remain campaign is gaining momentum in the final stretch of the EU referendum vote and a full Brexit might just be avoided. Today, whilst the polls are still citing a 50:50 split the online results look very similar to yesterday, with Remain holding a […]

Brexit – can online audience data predict the result?

referendum share of voice_200616

Brexit: It’s the hot topic on everyone’s twitter feeds and everyone in the UK and mainland Europe is waiting with baited breath to understand what the results of the referendum hold for the future of the EU. The FT aggregate and BBC Poll Tracker are citing an exact 50:50 split today, with marginal differentials between online and offline data. So, […]