What’s Next For Business Services?

Business services

As M&A activity slowed in the second half of 2022, business services deals experienced an uplift as firms turned to these companies to access recurring revenue and build resilience—662 deals were completed in the year between Q3 2021 and 2022. While other sectors are feeling the pinch of economic and geopolitical headwinds, business services firms are […]

Sustainable Investments: The Rise of Agritech and Sustainable Energy

sustainable investments

Investing in sustainable assets has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The growth of sustainable investing has led to many investment directors setting up sustainability-focused funds, focusing on sustainability-related issues and opportunities when making sustainable investment decisions. These funds are part of a seismic shift in the investment world, where sustainable investing is […]

Value Creation Begins in Diligence

value creation

2021 was defined by a flurry of deal activity, where new deal value and exit records were broken repeatedly. However, since then, the private equity market has experienced a fundamental shift. Today, it’s less about what you can get with an asset than what you can do with it in the medium and long term—investors are keen to purchase assets with plenty of value creation potential.

How Does ESG Create Value For Firms?

ESG Value

Ethical or socially responsible investing has gained significant traction in recent years as people grow increasingly concerned about the planet’s future. However, some grey areas need to be addressed—ESG was created to address these grey areas in socially responsible investing. ESG uses specific criteria to rank investments to see how sustainable they are. According to […]

We’re Climate Positive

climate positive

We are delighted to announce that onefourzero is now a Climate Positive Company! To take action against climate change, we have become climate positive with Ecologi. By signing up to Ecologi, we are compensating for our carbon footprint by funding global climate projects that will help reverse climate change, such as carbon reduction and tree […]

The Implications of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)


Investors have become increasingly sensitive to the effects of greenwashing. Tariq Fancy, former chief investment officer for sustainable investing at BlackRock, recently wrote that the “multi-trillion dollar area of socially conscious investing is being presented as something it’s not” and that Wall Street is “greenwashing the economic system”. Fancy isn’t the first high-profile individual to […]

Travel Industry Trends

As we have recently discussed, the luxury travel market is booming – but the sun is also shining for other segments of the industry. So what’s next for the travel industry, and what should brands and investors pay attention to in the next 12 months and beyond? Here are the main travel industry trends for […]

Flying Taxis: Science fiction or science fact?

flying taxis

As the global population expands and the world’s cities become more densely populated, sustainable urban mobility is a priority moving forward. With automobile sales expected to increase from 70 million a year in 2010 to 125 million by 2025, road real estate is increasingly scarce, bringing up the question as to whether the current infrastructure […]

UK more aware of recyclables


Sometimes bad news can bring good news. The increased amount of environmental-related stories in the media, most of them terrifying updates on our suffering planet, seems to be having a positive effect on the public. In the past few years, the number of online searches for information related to recycling has been growing consistently. Since […]

ESG and Diversity high on the agenda at the Real Deals Mid-Market Conference 2018

onefourzero were delighted to sponsor the Real Deals Mid-Market Conference 2018, alongside our sister agency GK. On Tuesday, 30th January, we joined 300 of Europe’s top Private Equity names for a day of discussion and debate (and a magician – as seen below!) Amongst much lively discussion of current political trends and their impact on […]