Challenges and trends for e-commerce

e-commerce challenges

The changing landscape of e-commerce represents an exciting window of opportunities for innovation – however, new challenges and threats often rise at the same speed. Increasing conversion rates whilst improving your customers’ online shopping experience is the goal, but the pace is changing and customer needs are constantly evolving. With that in mind, we’ve put […]

The rise of social e-commerce

social e-commerce

Social media marketing is nothing new. Retail brands have long used social media ‘influencers’ and celebrities to increase brand awareness and drive sales. However, until very recently, retailers would have to direct customers to outside of these applications to make sales – breaking the customer journey. Last week, Instagram launched a new functionality in the […]

Beating the algorithm: what the rise of voice e-commerce means for retail

voice e-commerce

Just like online shopping before it, voice-controlled shopping is set to be the next disruptive force in retail. Almost half of the households will own a Google Home, Amazon Alexa or similar voice controlled device by 2022, according to research by consultancy OC&C, up from 10% today. ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will […]

Next Business Analysis: The Wolves are at the Door for Fashion Retail

In light of profit warnings and a share price decline of clothing retailer Next, CEO Lord Wolfson attributed the uninspiring performance to a general decline in consumer spending of fashion due to a shift towards more experiential consumption. We did an exploratory analysis to understand whether a shift in consumer spending is actually responsible for Next’s negative performance […]