Get Your Company Sale-Ready With Onefourzero

Sell-side diligence

Receiving a palatable asset valuation is far from a certainty, especially during times of economic difficulty. Preparation is crucial to increase the likelihood of a favourable price. When appropriately implemented, sell-side due diligence reveals previously unforeseen risks, giving the seller time to resolve problems before they can impact the valuation, but it also highlights and […]

Uncovering Attitudinal Gaps With Management Due Diligence

management due diligence

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rising interest rates and soaring inflation meant that 2022 was characterised by crises. Unfortunately, 2023 will likely hold similar challenges that make forensically-accurate asset scrutiny critical. The general consensus is that now is not the time to take unnecessary risks, hence the need for robust and reliable due diligence that covers […]

Sustainable Investments: The Rise of Agritech and Sustainable Energy

sustainable investments

Investing in sustainable assets has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The growth of sustainable investing has led to many investment directors setting up sustainability-focused funds, focusing on sustainability-related issues and opportunities when making sustainable investment decisions. These funds are part of a seismic shift in the investment world, where sustainable investing is […]

The Renewed Importance of Using Data to Make Informed Decisions

Fleur Hicks, CEO of onefourzero, explores the renewed importance of using data to make informed decisions on private equity investments. Investing in the process of accurate commercial forecasting has never been more critical, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The economic and geopolitical headwinds that dominated the second half of 2022 have resulted in a […]

What Does 2023 Hold For Private Equity?

private equity in 2023

2021 was always going to be a difficult year to beat, but 2022 brought long-lasting challenges that have sent shockwaves across the globe.

This begs the question: what does 2023 hold for private equity?

Snapshot Due Diligence: The Onefourzero Market Snapshot Report

Alongside the capital risk of suboptimal investments, private equity firms also risk the opportunity cost of devoting time and significant diligence spend on opportunities that do not pan out. But what can firms do if they are unfamiliar with a given asset or industry? Onefourzero’s new market snapshot report provides a short-turnaround, cost-effective means of kicking the tyres on a prospective sector or asset.

Data-led Diligence Isn’t Just a Consumer Play

data-led diligence

Here at onefourzero, we often have catch-up meetings with clients to give insights into the markets and trends. This is all normal practice when cultivating business partnership relationships, of course. We are, after all, here to help and have access to up-to-the-minute market data. However, we have noticed that many assume that a data-led approach […]

Moving Quickly and Carefully: Onefourzero’s Recession Toolkit

onefourzero's recession toolkit

The UK is expected to be in a recession until summer 2023. For several months, fears of a recession have led investors to place more emphasis on identifying M&A risk factors early. More than ever, investors are keen to put their money into businesses with healthy fundamentals that can weather economic shocks with a solid […]

Meet Ela Burrows, Who Interned With Us!

Ela Burrows

Last week, we were delighted to welcome Ela to the team as part of a week-long internship. At the end of the week, we sat down with Ela and asked her a few questions about her experience with us and her plans for the future. What are you studying at university, and what made you […]

Vendor Due Diligence: Controlling the Narrative

buy and sell

Credible vendor due diligence (VDD) is vital in controlling the narrative of a transaction, but the remit and timeframe has been expanding over the last decade to give businesses an early view on possible buy-side questions, and opportunities to implement late-stage value creation. If areas to investigate arise, organisations that conduct vendor due diligence can […]