onefourzero: Our Culture and Approach

To say a lot is happening in the world at the moment would be an understatement. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our everyday lives beyond recognition. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, store closures, remote working, remote learning, the list goes on.  Businesses have certainly felt the sting of the pandemic. Thousands of organisations across the globe were unprepared for […]

Women and Private Equity: we are only at the beginning

women private equity

Women’s rights have been high on the agenda in the past 12 months, and this week, with International Women’s Day, we highlight both the achievements and celebrate how far we have come, as well as recognising how far we have yet to go. The world of finance has been a slow proponent to women’s equality […]

ESG and Diversity high on the agenda at the Real Deals Mid-Market Conference 2018

onefourzero were delighted to sponsor the Real Deals Mid-Market Conference 2018, alongside our sister agency GK. On Tuesday, 30th January, we joined 300 of Europe’s top Private Equity names for a day of discussion and debate (and a magician – as seen below!) Amongst much lively discussion of current political trends and their impact on […]