Recovery Rates of Sector Verticals Through the Lens of Digital Data: Casual Dining

Over the last twenty years, the USA and the UK have endured several economic crises that affected almost all industries in varying severity. One sector that is hit particularly hard by periods of economic downturn is casual dining. As consumers have less income available for non-essential spending, casual dining suffers. Pre-coronavirus, the industry was already […]

Pizza Express: discounted to death?

pizza express logo

As news circulates about the once much-loved pizza restaurant struggling with debt, how did such a stalwart of the casual dining scene get into this position? onefourzero investigated how consumers saw the brand and discovered a worrying correlation between demand for the brand and discounting promotions, leading us to question if Pizza Express has been […]

Mangia bene: what we can learn from the Italian casual dining sector

italian casual dining sector

Italy has long been hailed the home of the best food money can buy – a country where you would struggle to not find a delicious place to eat on any corner. In recent years, the Italian casual dining sector may have faced some big challenges, but it now appears to be recovering as consumers […]

Bottoms up! Boozeless beverages on the rise

healthy drinks

It is undeniable that we are becoming a more health conscious nation, with millions of us hitting the gym, watching what we eat and cutting down on the booze. A study by Nielsen showed that over 25% of people want to decrease their alcohol intake for health reasons. Traditionally seen as big drinkers, 3.1 million […]

Casual Dining: Can It Survive the Delivery Boom?

While food delivery is by no means a revolutionary concept, the low-cost market entry for providers means that a plethora of platforms have sprung up in recent years. The services they provide include food delivery, matching gourmet chefs to consumers, farm to table food and platforms for supper clubs, to name but a few – […]