Cosmetics Business Beauty Tech article mentions onefourzero’s insights

In their latest Beauty M&A report, the website Cosmetics Business has published an article about Beauty technology trends for which onefourzero collaborated with data & insights. Written by Journalist Jo Allen, the Cosmetics Business beauty tech piece discusses investments that could future-proof brands beyond AI and AR. The article also quoted our recent blog on […]

The power of Beauty Tech


Different from some other consumer sectors, the Beauty industry has been performing persistently well for years. One of the reasons is how it engages with all kinds of customers, from beauty-addicts to newbies, from big brand lovers to young, small business fans. In fact, these new independent brands are responsible for the constant shake-up in […]

The beauty – and the drawback – of Amazon Beauty

Amazon Beauty customer

Download a PDF version of this article here. The global beauty industry is currently valued at over $500 billion, and is expected to reach $800 billion by 2023. Between 2015 and 2017, private equity groups invested $1.6 billion in the sector. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is already a big part of it – but the e-commerce giant […]