The Rise of Smart Banks: Trust in Digital Banking

Digital Banks

The nature of banking is changing, and investment opportunities abound. With the rise of the “smart city”, the “smart car”, and the “smart home”, it comes as little surprise that banking is one of the latest industries to be disrupted by technological and cloud-based opportunities. What exactly is a “smart bank”? For consumers, the rise […]

Digital banks and the future of personal finance

Digital Banks

Digital banks are revolutionising the way people manage money. In today’s age of the smartphone, more and more customers are joining banks which are fully online, entirely relying on apps for all transactions. It seems banking customers no longer place as much importance on their bank having a local high street branch, which reflects a […]

Is unchanging Brexit sentiment changing the UK investment landscape?

Investor sentiment towards Brexit remains negative overall, according to new data from onefourzero. With one year to go until the UK is set to leave the European Union, government efforts to reassure investors seem to have been largely unsuccessful. In the nearly two years since the Brexit referendum, the British economy hasn’t fallen into recession […]