Strategy Consultation

Data-driven analysis to provide management and strategy consultation for local, national and international implementation.


At onefourzero we are committed to providing ongoing strategy and management consultation to our clients. We have several monitoring tools at our disposal to accurately track changes in online sentiment and trends, all in real time.

Our social media monitor provides a weekly or monthly analysis of social profile and sentiment, benchmarked against major competitors. NHS hospitals, universities and consumer brands are some of our clients.

We are one of the few agencies that have access to Facebook Topic Data, the largest social media insight source with a high level of detail such as audience demographics, geolocation, interests, and sentiment.

Strategy Consultation Services

  • Sector Audit

    Analysis of the health of a particular sector and the market opportunities within it to inform your growth strategies.

  • Market Analysis

    Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, digital market penetration and opportunities for growth.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Analysis and attribution through audience behaviour and sentiment indicators to assist in strategic decision-making and efficiencies.

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