We recognise that 'digital' encompasses a diverse range of challenges, so our projects are tailored precisely to the client's needs, sector and current digital capability, ensuring that we are adding value without creating noise

From in-depth due diligence reports to data-driven analysis and strategies, we have it covered.

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From in-depth due diligence reports to digital transformation andstrategy, our blend of tools, data and experts have it covered.


Digital Due Diligence

Using current and historic digital data on audiences, activity, consumer sentiment and operational efficiency to quantify brand equity, market position and performance, along with modelled headroom and opportunities for growth.

Benefitting both buy-side and sell-side of investment transactions, rodust digital data, triangulated through multiple sources, provides a clear indication to the health and opportunity of any digital business, and can act as a proxy for wide market trends.

Digital Due Dilligence can be used in early stages for market mapping, or during later stage diligence for deep interrogation into management hypotheses and digital growth modelling.

Our experienced commercial, digital and technical analysts use more than 500 data sources from leading global technology providers to cover all aspects of analytics and analysis, creating concise, straightforward reports with clear commercial recommendations and insights.


Commercial Due Diligence

From early stage market assessments before engaging with an asset, through to full commercial due diligence, we analyse outside-in and first party data (where available) to validate all aspects of a potential investment against relevant competitor sets and available sector headroom.

Who we work with

Private Equity
Venture Capital
Businesses seeking investment / Vendors

What we do

– Buy / Sell side due diligence
– Digital due diligence
– Early stage market mapping
– Sector insights
– Headroom and growth modelling
– Digital Capabilities / Maturity Audit


Value creation

Consulting with investors and businesses, we provide strategies, map necessary skills and technology infrastructure, as well as appropriate KPIs to help brands achieve their digital potential.

Who we work with

Value creation teams in Private Equity
B2B / B2C businesses

What we do

– Headroom modelling
– Validation of global expansion or product / service updates
– Marketing strategy benchmarking and consulting
– User experience testing and consulting
– Analytics implementation and consulting


Digital transformation

Consulting at all levels of digital maturity, we can provide plans and pathways to full transformation from product and service re-alignment, through to full technological and organisational implementation.

Who we work with

Traditionally ‘offline’ brands
Young businesses looking to grow digital capability
Private Equity owners looking to digitise porfolio companies
Established brands looking to explore or add new digital capabilities

What we do

– Viability testing
– Transformation planning
– Product / service design
– Implementation consulting


Data Dashboard

The one-stop dashboard provides data display and top-line analysis of the digital market you are interested in.

With multiple user access to historical data sets of up to 36 months, the platform is a great way to track assets pre-deal, providing a sound basis for deep-dive digital diligence or ongoing brand benchmarking. The one-stop solution offers a 360-view of the impact of marketing, audiences, platforms and pricing on commercial sales and future trends.

There is a huge amount of data that organisations can use to inform business decisions. We created the onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool as a convenient centralised platform that offers cross-channel digital data for users, giving them instant access to real-time company performance data and data on key competitors.

The tool is efficient, which saves you time having to cross-reference reports yourself. You will see all data, which is blended and referenced in one centralised location.

While the Reporting and Benchmarking Tool can be used in isolation, you also have the option to access one of our expert digital consultants to help interpret the results. Our specialist team is has many years experience in a range of sectors. No matter the project, there will be an individual available with expert knowledge of your sector and specialism. You can learn more about our interdisciplinary team here.

This dashboard would benefit anyone who would like to see how brands are performing compared to competitors.


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