Introducing the onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool

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At onefourzero, we’re always keen to be at the cutting edge. The digital world does not stand still, and nor do we. Our expert team of analysts and consultants have been offering deep-dive digital due diligence since our inception in 2015. Since our founding, we’ve been producing concise, straightforward reports derived from high volumes of complex data for investment, digital transformation and value creation purposes. However, there is something new and incredibly exciting on the horizon for us.

We’re delighted to announce that we are offering a new self-managed data solution service: the onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool. In-depth digital analytics were once the preserve of consumer marketing teams. This certainly is not the case in the present day. Investors, brands, and consultants leverage data more and more, but the process can quickly become complicated. Before presenting our new self-managed solution, we will delve deeper into why data and analytics are vital in today’s business environment.

Data and analytics are now a central part of modern consulting

The use of digital data in consulting has been on the rise for several years. In 2016, McKinsey and Company released their report ‘The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World‘, exploring the global analytics landscape. After assessing the data and analytics tools available at the time, the report concluded that “the next generation of tools could unleash bigger changes” and that “new machine-learning and deep-learning capabilities have an enormous variety of applications that stretch into many sectors of the economy”.

McKinsey and Company’s predictions certainly came to fruition. The implementation of data and analytics caught several commentators’ attention in 2017 when it was reported that the world’s largest corporations spent $43 billion on data and analytics tools for their organisations.

2020, in particular, has been an eye-opening year for organisations globally. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed fundamental weaknesses in long-standing company processes and revealed significant shifts in consumer demand. Organisations of all kinds need to utilise tools that enable them to stay ahead of the curve.

For many organisations, the utilisation of analytics will not be an alien phenomenon; we understand that leveraging analytics is now a central aspect of modern consulting. However, our hands-off data solution allows consultants to effectively leverage large amounts of digital data without consulting fees.

Introducing the self-managed data solution: The onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool 

We realise that 2020 revealed that many organisations have a strong desire for change and innovation. Consequently, we’ve always utilised proprietary artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning tools for efficiency and consistency.

Our latest offering allows users to track a wide range of data from multiple sources on a user-friendly interface. The onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool enables users to track brands and their competitors. Merging all digital data sets into one accessible dashboard, the interface provides up-to-date insights at the click of a button.

The one-stop dashboard provides data display and top-line analysis of the digital market you are interested in. This includes marketing strategy, website and mobile effectiveness, audience movement, sentiment analysis, conversion metrics, and more. With multiple user access to historical data sets of up to 36 months, the platform is a great way to track assets pre-deal, providing a sound basis for deep-dive digital diligence or ongoing brand benchmarking. The one-stop solution offers a 360-view of the impact of marketing, audiences, platforms and pricing on commercial sales and future trends.

Reporting and benchmarking


How does it work?

Users can choose from two options: XML Reporting or Dashboard Interface

XML Reporting

The XML Reporting option involves XML option code which can be written to bring together all the reporting analytics from agencies and internal analytics tools, plus outside-in competitor data. The data is then presented in a working sheet which is updated weekly or monthly for marketing and management review.

Dashboard Interface

The Dashboard Interface option involves a working dashboard that is created on our third-party platform, allowing users to view, drill into and track data from a desktop or mobile dashboard. Part-managed, this will also aggregate internal and external data for ongoing tracking and review.

Acquired through API partnerships, the tool can track performance and third party metrics. This enables organisations to benchmark performance against competitors at both local and national levels.


What data is available?

One of the main benefits of the Reporting and Benchmarking Dashboard is the sheer amount of data available.

Market Dynamics → Search data, web traffic → Market sizing and overall growth are benchmarked against competitor brands and analysis into the key factors for market share acquisition.

Audience Profiling → Demographic, conversion, engagement and clickstream data → Identify different demographics that engage in the market and attribute specific segment preferences and behaviours, which can potentially guide future strategy based on retro-fitted attribution.

Marketing Analysis → Inbound traffic channels, keyword investigation (PPC and SEO) → Analysis of the key inbound traffic channels and the strategies employed across the sector to capture target market custom, and whether there are enough affinities to prove case own spend impact. 

Website Engagement and Technical Affinity → Engagement metrics, mobile and desktop engagement and app engagement (if applicable) → Investigation of how consumers engage with a website compared to competitors, and the impact of own brand marketing on engagement over time.

Online Sentiment → Online conversation and sentiment attribution → Analysis of sentiment compared to other competitors, and a breakdown of key topics of conversation within the sector to test loyalty and stickiness of the customer by cohort. 

What are the main benefits of using the dashboard?

There is a huge amount of data that organisations can use to inform business decisions. We created the onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool as a convenient centralised platform that offers cross-channel digital data for users, giving them instant access to real-time company performance data and data on key competitors.

The tool is efficient, which saves you time having to cross-reference reports yourself. You will see all data, which is blended and referenced in one centralised location.

While the Reporting and Benchmarking Tool can be used in isolation, you also have the option to access one of our expert digital consultants to help interpret the results. Our specialist team is has many years experience in a range of sectors. No matter the project, there will be an individual available with expert knowledge of your sector and specialism. You can learn more about our interdisciplinary team here.

We realise that digital consulting projects can be expensive, especially if multiple projects occur at once. The onefourzero Reporting and Benchmarking Tool is a cost-effective data solution that allows you to have instant access to all the data your organisation requires to succeed in your field. 

A variety of organisations would benefit from the dashboard: Private Equity Firms, Investors, Investment Management and Brand Directors. That isn’t all; the dashboard would benefit anyone who would like to see how brands are performing compared to competitors.

We’re offering a range of pricing plans to suit a range of requirements with contract lengths starting at three months. There is no setup fee on annual contracts, and we’re offering two months free when you choose an annual subscription. If you would like to use multiple packages, we will offer you a discount!

Contact us to learn more

If you would like to learn more about the new data-only solution, please get in touch with us. We’ll tell you more about how the Reporting and Benchmarking tool can help your organisation take full control over data.