Real Deals: DDD roundtable with Fleur Hicks, onefourzero

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Real Deals has hosted a roundtable discussion about technology and Due Diligence with market leaders, including our MD Fleur Hicks.

The problems with vendor due diligence and why a broken deal is better than a bad one

In a red hot deal market, the due diligence process has become more sophisticated and important for dealmakers. A group of GPs and advisers discuss how due diligence has evolved, the reasons for starting the exercise earlier and how technology is reshaping the way investors evaluate deal targets.

At the table:

Martin Calderbank, Agilitas
Tim Chapman, Hickman Shearer
Fleur Hicks, onefourzero
Ian Howard, Neotas
Iain Mackay, Intuitus
Chris Price, Mobeus Equity Partners
Douglas Smith, Corporate Risk Ltd
Lizzie Wills, WA Investor Services

You can read the full coverage of the event here.

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