The website Real Deals has published an article on how technology is changing private equity and mentioned onefourzero as one of the disruptors in due diligence.

“The traditional streams of due diligence – financial, legal, commercial and management – remain crucial for any investment decision. Providers with tech-enabled services, however, are making the process faster and cheaper. onefourzero is a consultancy using similar tools to map markets and provide sector overviews. It can be used for early due diligence pre-deal, or support other due diligence streams later in a process.”

Read the full article here.

onefourzero is also a finalist at the Private Equity Awards 2019 as Commercial Due Diligence Advisor of the Year. It’s the third consecutive year the company is shortlisted. Winners will be announced on April 24th.

To find out more about how onefourzero’s digital due diligence and market insights can help you identify opportunities for growth and potential risks, contact

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