Media website PROnounce Media has published a press release about our latest article on Travel Industry Trends.

“Sustainability, time alone and meaningful experiences are some of the main interests for travellers in the next years, according to research from digital analytics consultancy agency onefourzero.

Fleur Hicks, Managing Director of onefourzero, comments: ‘It’s interesting to see that, in a period of uncertainty and stress, travellers are also looking for experiences that can generate meaningful experiences with lasting changes in their lives’

Ben Martin, Insights Director of onefourzero, comments: ‘Across industries, consumers are using digital to access their specific preferences. Travel is no exception, and these growing trends reinforce the need to offer a dynamic, personalised experience based on the granular data and feedback available’.”

Read the full press release here.

Read the full Travel Industry Trends article here.

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