Private Equity

Providing industry-leading due diligence services for Private Equity clients, feeding into commercial, financial and operational considerations.


Digital data acts as a good proxy for wider market trends, which is why digital due diligence is increasingly being used for buy side and sell side reports. It can be used in early stage diligence for market mapping and later stage diligence for deep interrogation into management hypotheses and digital growth modelling.

Large data sets with robust provide qualified assurances of risk and opportunity analysis – digital is perfectly positioned to provide these for B2B, B2B2C and B2C assets alike, whether they are digital entities or not.

Private Equity Services

  • Strategy Consulting

    Providing advice on your digital strategy for portfolio companies and your firm.

  • Buy Side Digital Diligence

    Outside in analysis of target assets to give you the edge on the deal.

  • Sector Analysis

    Track entire sectors or specific assets within them to spot opportunities ahead of the competition.

  • Sell Side Digital Diligence

    Build powerful data sets of the headroom for growth.

  • 100 Days Strategy

    Turbocharge your 100 days strategy with strategic growth plans.

  • Portfolio Company Advisory

    Consultancy for management teams to deliver targets.

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