What digital data analytics can do for portfolio companies

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Data is everywhere, and businesses can benefit from this abundance of information in many ways. But how exactly can it make a difference to your investments? Digital data analytics is used to gain insights and drive business decisions by helping you understand a company’s performance and potential. For portfolio companies, digital data can be used to answer very specific concerns and has been found to prove vital in turnaround situations:

1) Market mapping and objective market share analysis

Assessing the marketplace helps you understand the landscape, key competitors, digital market penetration and opportunities for growth, as well as hidden threats. Sector tracking and forecasting give an edge to your strategy.

2) Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Imperative to identifying, targeting and reaching the correct audience and developing effective strategies for customer approach and retention. Monitoring customer behaviour helps improve customer journey and services, feeds into operations (see below) and informs strategies for market growth, new market entry and new verticals.

3) Digital Health Check for Marketing Performance

Diligence to develop/enhance strategies used within the sector, effectiveness, opportunity and risk. Also necessary to identify digital performance (website/app), overall engagement and conversion, competitor strategy & performance. With detailed recommendations by channel (e.g. Paid Search, SEO, Content Marketing), it is possible to forecast growth and keep your business ahead of the curve.

4) Operations Analysis Through Social Media, Conversations and Customer Reviews

In-depth analysis of volume of online conversations and sentiment towards each brand or product and benchmarking with competitors. Identifying key topics of conversation and the impact they have on overall reputation helps you with ongoing crisis monitoring and potential national or international expansions.

5) New Verticals and Pricing Analysis Across a Range of Platforms

Benchmarking engagement and audience across devices, as well as modelling sales or conversion performance against the sector. Also vital to identify demand for new products, services or platforms as well as potential obstacles and strategy to boost their business.

onefourzero uses digital data and deep statistical analysis, including explanatory and predictive modelling, to help you make the right investment and strategic decisions. Our overview of commercial digital metrics is used to understand growth, potential, threats, opportunities and trends for businesses operating or investing in any sector. An in-depth data-driven consultation provides the most relevant information for local, national and international strategies.

Every business is a digital business.

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