onefourzero supports Elysian Capital’s investment in D3O

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Elysian Capital work with growth companies with aspirational management teams seeking support to unlock the full potential of their businesses. The company prides itself on being both pragmatic and diligent. As a result, the organisation is committed to deep reviews of assets of interest to identify areas of success and areas that need substantial improvement.

Onefourzero assisted Elysian Capital by conducting early-stage commercial diligence of D3O, an innovative company that creates pioneering protective products used worldwide by consumers, military personnel, athletes and industrial workers.

As part of early-stage commercial diligence, we investigated market demand and growth. This involved a focus on brand resonance through search and social mentions. By focusing on these mentions, we could answer several vital questions, such as what is driving changes in consumer demand, engagement and sentiment, how customers are searching, visiting and engaging, and the potential for achievable growth.

We also focused on brand recognition and NPS to determine sentiment and loyalty towards D3O, who is talking about the brand, and whether the sentiment level indicates potential headroom for growth. Additionally, we identified where D3O were on their brand recognition journey to determine their value.

About the acquisition, James Cunningham, Partner at Elysian Capital, said: “Onefourzero insight helped us understand the strength and potential of D3O and will help frame our future plans. We have been very impressed with the way Stuart and the team have developed the D3O brand and the breadth and quality of the customers the company serves. We look forward to supporting them as they realise the potential for the brand across existing and new market segments.”

For more information about our work with Elysian Capital, please contact