onefourzero assists Resource Partners with their acquisition of Deeper

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With the help of digital data-led commercial consulting firm onefourzero, Resource Partners has acquired Deeper, a castable sonars company which is making waves in the angling community.

onefourzero was able to use their digital data sources to provide a clear view on true market size in existing and potential growth territories and identify customer shifts from bait shop sales to online as an operational growth thesis. The digital data-led commercial consulting firm also validated their technology as it exists currently, and compared their future plans against global competitors. Additionally, onefourzero was able to understand the deliverability of their product roadmap in the context of global patents, SKUs and app developments and conduct customer and audience referencing on a large scale due to their access to over 500 global data sources.

About the project, Fleur Hicks, CEO of onefourzero, said: “In such a niche arena, it was proven that digital data provided the best view of market mapping, supplemented by expert customer referencing in the more traditional sense. This allowed the firm a comprehensive view of the upcoming technological, customer and competitive dynamics in a short space of time and in real-time.”

Michal Grodzicki, Investment Manager at Resource Partners said: “We are extremely satisfied with the Commercial Due Diligence performed by onefourzero – the process was well-organized and the output answered our all key questions. I am convinced that the report prepared by onefourzero will be used as a guidebook during our holding period.”

Founded in 2015, onefourzero delivers data-driven reports for investors and brands to help them make decisions that instigate commercial growth, marketing investment, digital strategy, effective operations and international expansion.

Since its inception, the digital data-led commercial consulting firm has worked with several high profile clients, including Cinven, KKR, Rothschild, Bridgepoint, HG Capital and more, helping them to effectively assess commercial potential, craft effective digital due diligence, and assist with value creation and transformation strategies across all sectors.