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Commercial Forecasting in Uncertain Times ofl

When searching for an investment opportunity, it was typical for investors to use static models, […]

Digital Transformation in 5 Easy Steps  ofl

Digital technology is changing industries for the better. However, with new technology,  comes a need […]

4 B2B Commercial Questions You Can Answer Using Digital Data ofl

In recent years, the private equity industry has been thriving. Strong fundraising and returns have […]

Recovery Rates of Sector Verticals Through the Lens of Digital Data: Casual Dining Fleur Hicks

Over the last twenty years, the USA and the UK have endured several economic crises […]

How Lockdown Made Us all Think About Health and Wellbeing Fleur Hicks

The private non-essential healthcare sector, like many other industries, saw an initial decline in demand when national lockdown was imposed in March earlier this year. As the lockdown eased in May and June, health and wellbeing fast became key areas of interest for the investment community with ‘non-essential private healthcare’ experiencing an atypical rise in demand.

Recovery Rates of Sector Verticals Through the Lens of Digital Data: Travel Fleur Hicks

Crises have a profound effect on a wide range of sectors. Over the last two […]

Consumer Trends in Clothing and Apparel in the United Kingdom and the United States Fleur Hicks

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the Clothing and Apparel sector in […]

Where Should I Invest (and What Data Trends are Showing) Fleur Hicks

COVID-19 has changed how we live. For months, millions of people around the world were […]

Unexpected Winners in a COVID Economy Fleur Hicks

The last six months have been incredibly tough for the global economy. COVID-19 has infected […]

What Next for Consumer Brands? Fleur Hicks

In a few short weeks, many changes have rocked the way businesses operate, and few can claim to have been unaffected by the coronavirus crisis. onefourzero looks at the data that could indicate brand strength and future investment strategies post Covid-19


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