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Women in Technology and Data onefourzero

There is a need for more women to enter the technology and data industry, especially […]

Trends in electric vehicle markets onefourzero

Tesla (TSLA) stock rose more than 12% last month to settle at $1,025, driven by […]

onefourzero receives investor backing onefourzero

onefourzero has received backing from a syndicate of angel investors led by ex-Bridgepoint PE partner […]

Female Founders in Venture Capital and Private Equity onefourzero

Female founders used to be few and far between. That is evolving, but there is […]

Fleur Hicks awarded CEO of 2021 onefourzero

Fleur Hicks is awarded for her contributions to innovation within the finance and technology sectors, […]

Data Integrity, Compliance and Assurance onefourzero

It is essential that data from any source be legally compliant and ethically sourced. That […]

onefourzero supports Elysian Capital’s investment in D3O onefourzero

Elysian Capital work with growth companies with aspirational management teams seeking support to unlock the […]

Growth and Change Abound at Onefourzero onefourzero

It’s been a brilliant year for onefourzero, despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Bouncing Back: Hospitality and Leisure in the UK, USA and Europe onefourzero

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vital importance of the hospitality and leisure industry to the […]

eCommerce and DTC Trends in the United States onefourzero

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world around us in many ways. For a time, […]


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