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The Battle of the Food Delivery Services: Who Will Come Out On Top? ofl

The vast majority of sectors globally have felt the coronavirus pandemic’s unprecedented sting, but some […]

A Clothing and Apparel Update ofl

2021 is finally here after a decidedly gruelling year which saw the coronavirus pandemic sweep […]

Revisiting the Casual Dining Sector ofl

Earlier this year, we investigated how the casual dining industry was dealing with the coronavirus […]

How onefourzero is Helping Consultants Deliver Better Data ofl

We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Digital is permeating all industries at […]

What Is Next For Healthcare Services? ofl

Healthcare services all across the UK have felt the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether […]

Commercial Forecasting in Uncertain Times ofl

When searching for an investment opportunity, it was typical for investors to use static models, […]

Digital Transformation in 5 Easy Steps  ofl

Digital technology is changing industries for the better. However, with new technology,  comes a need […]

4 B2B Commercial Questions You Can Answer Using Digital Data ofl

In recent years, the private equity industry has been thriving. Strong fundraising and returns have […]

Why Digital Data Matters in Your B2B Diligence Process ofl

Every business is digital in some way, shape, or form. The digital world is now […]

Recovery Rates of Sector Verticals Through the Lens of Digital Data: Casual Dining Fleur Hicks

Over the last twenty years, the USA and the UK have endured several economic crises […]


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