Value erosion can occur at all stages of the M&A deal cycle. However, you must show buyers that the asset is inherently valuable to maximise your return on a deal. Our proprietary threesixty data solution allows you to understand an asset’s performance relative to peers during a hold period, allowing you to identify problems or opportunities as they arise and show buyers that your asset is valuable.

Our Threesixty Platform

Threesixty is our one-stop monitoring tool that provides investors and companies with an aggregate view of sectors, brands, products and services. In addition, the tool lets Private Equity owners or portfolio companies compare data with key competitors in an easy-to-digest format. In-depth analytics were once the preserve of consumer marketing teams, but not anymore. Threesixty is a self-managed solution that allows firms to access vital data at any time. 

How Does Threesixty Help Exit Preparedness?

Threesixty helps your business or portfolio company prepare for the exit process with a one-stop dashboard with historical data sets of at least 36 months. Fast response to these questions is essential if the exit is to progress, and threesixty enables you to instantly access key metrics.

Threesixty also allows ad-hoc reports on any metric, giving you the data when it’s most important. Using the threesixty platform, you can respond to buyers quickly with robust, reliable data. The platform gives your buyers confidence.

What Data is Available in Threesixty?

Threesixty offers a wide selection of crucial data, including market size, share and growth, marketing efficiencies and positioning, customer cohorts and sentiment, sales, pricing and conversion, commercial performance and benchmarking and engagement and user experience. 

Market size, share and growth

Threesixty layers commercial datasets over demand, footfall and brand recall metrics to serve as proxies for market share, accessible in one easy-to-digest dashboard.

Marketing efficiencies and positioning

Access marketing spend and efficiency analytics across all paid and organic channels, giving you access to aggregated views of a company’s digital operations.

Customer cohorts and sentiment

Live insights into brand affinity, strength and reputation across multiple platforms and review sites.

Sales, pricing and conversion

Gain visibility on pricing and sales conversions across web, mobile, app and reseller websites to assist with revenue projections and as-live market-sizing analysis.

Commercial performance and benchmarking

Our dashboards aggregate sector, asset and brand-specific commercial data sets, empowering subscribers with insight into any target or portfolio asset.

Engagement and user experience

Rapid insights on various metrics across user behaviour, audience demographics and marketing channels to map and understand customers’ digital journeys.

What Are The Main Benefits of Threesixty?


The centralised, self-service platform offers cross-channel data for users, providing them with instant access to real-time performance company and competitor data.


The tool is efficient because it saves you from having to cross-reference other reports! The data is blended and referenced in one easy-to-access, centralised location. 

Access to consultants

Threesixty can be used in isolation, but clients also have the option to access our expert consultants to help interpret the results gleaned from the tool. Our team of expert consultants has many years of experience helping organisations across sectors, including but not limited to business services, eCommerce, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrials, leisure and travel, and tech-enabled companies.


Threesixty is a cost-effective data solution that gives you instant access to the data your organisation needs to make informed, data-driven decisions.


You can also enhance threesixty by purchasing add-ons. We offer several add-on enhancements, including Engagement and User Behaviour Mapping, the Originations Engine and custom enhancements that can tailor the solution to your needs.

When Is The Best Time To Access The Self-Managed Data Solution?

With many of the datasets available from outside to in, many clients begin their monitoring process during the inbound diligence process, or even before, to enable monitoring through the entire hold period. This allows ongoing identification of opportunities, threats, and need for additional value creation, as well as informing potential exit timelines. 

In Summary

The data that the threesixty platform provides can be invaluable to your company during the M&A process, buy or sell side. It can help you determine your company’s value, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark your progress against competitors during ownership or exit. 

To learn more about threesixty, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss the one-stop solution in more detail.