A growing number of businesses, from private equity firms to commercial brands, are looking for efficient ways to monitor their industry. However, many do not have the tools and expertise to do this in-house.  Without the correct data, you cannot gain access to the insights you need to make informed decisions—that is where threesixty comes in handy.

As a result, many firms seek the help of data-led diligence consultants who can give them the tools they need to monitor their industry effectively. However, sectors are changing quickly. To keep up with the competition and stay on top of industry changes, firms need fast access to the data that allows them to make informed decisions. 

But what if you need quick access to data that answers your burning commercial questions before heading off on holiday?

Threesixty: The One-stop Monitoring Tool

In 2021, we launched threesixty, our one-stop monitoring tool that provides companies and investors with an outside-in view of any sector, brand, product or service alongside their key competitors in an easy-to-digest format.

We can also plug your own data sets for direct market comparison, competitive benchmarking and scenario modelling. The platform is entirely self-managed and designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. Threesixty enables us to offer you the most reliable outside-in view of a sector or competitor set in the marketplace. 

What are the benefits of threesixty?


Threesixty is a convenient centralised platform offering users cross-channel data, allowing them instant access to real-time insights.


Threesixty increases efficiency as it saves you from having to cross-reference reports yourself. If you need access to data before the summer break arrives, threesixty is the ideal tool.


Threesixty is a self-managed, cost-effective tool that gives you instant access to the data your organisation needs to make informed decisions without having to engage on a digital consulting project. With our platform, you get the right data for the right cost. Alternatively, threesixty is a self-managed, cost-effective tool that gives you instant access to the data your organisation needs to make informed decisions. Pay a set fee each month and use the platform whenever you need data insights.


Threesixty: Use Cases

Onefourzero’s consultants have advised and gained the trust of some of the largest names in private equity. The threesixty platform was built for private equity firms and brands. It allows you to access the best data and make informed data-driven decisions.

Portfolio Management and Competitor Screening

Your investment decisions should be backed up with data that validates your theses). In private equity markets, this can a challenge. But, with threesixty, you can now conduct growth and risk monitoring, competitor performance benchmarking, real-time data tracking, scenario and futures modelling and exit modelling.

Originations and Asset Screening

Threesixty allows you to screen potential opportunities across all usual commercial metrics using the free-search functionality by sector, asset or theme, making the tool a one-stop-shop for asset viability assessment. There are over 1,500 additional data source modules available, making it the most robust in the industry. As a result, you have almost unlimited asset analysis options.

Data for Value Creation

Using threesixty, you can blend internal data with outside-in competitor benchmarking. The tool gives you forensic-level analysis for identifying growth levers. In addition, threesixty enables you to conduct ongoing performance tracking, to ensure you meet your objectives.

Threesixty: The Packages

With customisable modules, our self-service dashboard is customisable to your specific needs. There are several packages available:

Basic Package

The basic package includes commercial data sets, along with other commercial indicators to answer core questions around market size, market share and market growth. Additionally, you can conduct audience profile and customer journey analysis, reputation and affinities to understand brand strength and customer cohorts. Finally, the basic package includes marketing and spend analytics to uncover optimisation potential and indicate wider operational efficiencies. 

Standard Package

The standard package allows you to observe commercial performance and benchmark by accessing sector, asset and brand-specific commercial datasets. These informative datasets allow you to understand current and future value propositions. In addition, you can conduct web and mobile platform analysis as well as a drilldown into marketing channel specifics to understand how effective your engagement is and identify areas where it can be optimised. Finally, data in the standard package allows you to improve pricing and sales conversions across web, mobile, apps and reseller sites to assist with revenue projections and as-live market share and market sizing analysis. 

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes several of threesixty’s newest features, including an originations module and new market finder tool, scenario modelling and forecasting capabilities and custom enhancements. The originations module and new market opportunities feature will help you to find the next big unicorn. Multi-layered growth forecasting and scenario testing allow you to create new verticals. Custom enhancements allow you to access additional analysis around your needs, whether it be ESG, payments and transactions data or competitive price scraping. 

Threesixty: Easy Access to Robust, Reliable Data

There’s no need to leave diligence until September—threesixty gives you access to robust, reliable data at your fingertips. Our threesixty platform has convenience and flexibility in mind. The tool is perfect for originations teams, deal makers, portfolio managers and management teams looking to investigate brands, products, services or competitors before the summer break arrives.

Interested in Our Diligence Services?

Threesixty offers a comprehensive outside-in view of sectors, brands, products or services alongside competitors. However, your firm may also benefit from onefourzero’s diligence services. What sets us apart from our competitors is the speed at which we can conduct diligence for your firm or brand. With our diligence, there are no process pauses. Furthermore, the insights are tech-led, meaning you will receive highly valuable real-time data without having to wait for weeks on end.

We support investors and brands throughout their entire M&A lifecycle. Our data-led, tech-enabled approach to commercial and digital diligence allows us to deliver reliable and robust diligence on the buy-side and sell-side. From market mapping to full commercial diligence, we blend high-volume alternative data with traditional consulting to help validate all commercial aspects of a potential investment. 

With our diligence services, commercial datasets are layered upon demand, footfall and brand recall indicators. This data is used as proxies for live tracking of market size, share and growth. Additionally, we use sector, asset and brand-specific commercial datasets to empower companies. These datasets enable firms to understand current and future value propositions relative to their respective competitors. 

Early-Stage Commercial Market Map Report

Our Early-Stage Commercial Market Map Report draws on multiple datasets to comprehensively analyse any sector, asset or brand.

Digital Due Diligence Report

Whether vendor due diligence, buy-side or corporate benchmarking, our specialist reports provide actionable insight through rigorous analysis.

Full Commercial Due Diligence Report

Drawing on over 1,500 datasets and experience in the field, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of any target asset.

Onefourzero is a data-led digital consulting firm offering services such as the threesixty platform, as well as diligence and value creation services. If you would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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