The hot topics circulating the business world today are familiar in concept but can be frightening in regards to where you start understanding it, let alone making stuff happen.  But ignoring these key topics in 2016 is risky:

– Information security: keeping your customer data safe

Are you doing enough to protect your digital information and databases?  Is trust being eroded as a result? What impact does this have on your brand’s commercials? What are other people doing to protect data and assure customers?

– Customer experience: the interaction that you have throughout the lifetime of your customer from prospecting, attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy and purchase.

What do you really know about your customers’ actions, intentions and opinions? What is the best way to gather this in high volumes and objectively? Is consumer panel research giving you enough data?

– Commercial forecasting and risk: predicting the future.  Not new, but without 360 data inputs your data credibility can be at risk.  360 means adding digital due diligence to your checklist.

What does true brand value mean in a digital age and how does it affect commercials? How can data be used for future growth forecasting? What is the opportunity for growth now? Where do the risks lie within the sector, competitor set and from consumer trends?

All big topics. So where do you begin? Well, Digital Data is a good start.  Because it gives enough information, from an objective standpoint, about the true state of play.

Digital data gathered from a number of sources and can be used to help inform strategies by literally answering all of the questions above. Didn’t know that, did you?

Digital data has come a long way.  Beyond the limitations of consumer panel surveying and online monitoring. Way beyond the umbrella of digital marketing only. And certainly in to the worlds of info-sec, operations, commercials, investment and futures.

So in 2016, if digital diligence isn’t in your strategy list, then you could be at risk.  Commercially and reputationally.

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