If You Aren’t Checking What Your Customers Do/Want/Think, Then Who Is?

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It’s all very well using digital tools to monitor reception to outbound marketing. It’s also a good step to understand broadly customer sentiment and employ digital customer services agents for consumer brand interaction.

But is that enough? I’d say that these days it really isn’t.

Granted, there are companies who, 10 years into the social media game, haven’t even figured out the rudimentary principles of true customer engagement, and it is no exaggeration to say that these companies will fail.

But those who think they are on the ball may very well not be. Monitoring social media conversation isn’t just about creating a customer profile to market to. Understanding your demographics and touch points isn’t just about targeted messaging or customer service engagement. Conversation analysis is also not just about audience engagement and sentiment analysis.

No. Audience analysis combines what users think, do, intend to do, where they go, what they do when they’re not on social media/google/voucher sites, what they say, why they say it and how else they say it to plug into a much wider analytics play: Digital Diligence.

Looking at this data in relation to your competitor set, the wider market, other customer touch points and historical trends, gives you the ammunition to model the future.

So, if you aren’t looking at your consumer data in the wider commercial context, then know that someone else is.  And you know what they’ll do with that knowledge…

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