How we
do it

Going beyond data

Data alone is insufficient. Our combination of multi-source triangulation, digital and sector experts, using tools we have built in-house enables insights with proven commercial value.


Ongoing analysis

Tools such as our dashboard feed a data lake, enabling us to extract robust information, analyse it, layer it, and use it to underpin strategic insights. We use the data to inform modelling and forecasting, using machine learning techniques.


Client-friendly outputs

While we’re equally comfortable delivering traditional reports and consulting, the flexibility of our process and data allows us to offer multiple outputs, from automated self-service dashboards, through to developing tools for our clients to take control of their own data


Digital and sector experts

Knowing what to do with the large volumes of digital data, and what the commercial implications are for clients is at the heart of our recruitment policy. We also leverage a network of sector and international consultants to add valuable local or industry insights.


Proprietary tools

We develop our own code and tools to scrape, standardize and visualize data using AI, natural language processing and machine learning. This ensures efficiency and consistency, while enabling our people time to be spent adding human expertise and insight.


Multi-source, triangulated data

We compile data from more than 17 different digital sources. After a process of cleaning, comparing, validating and triangulating, the data is transformed into the client’s preferred output, from reports to dashboards.


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