Fleur Hicks awarded CEO of 2021

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Fleur Hicks is awarded for her contributions to innovation within the finance and technology sectors, plus promoting gender equality within these typically male-dominated arenas.

Fleur joined onefourzero in the autumn of 2015 and was instrumental in growing the company from a two-man consultancy to a world-leading Digital Data-led Commercial Consulting firm.

About her role as CEO of onefourzero, Fleur said: “Being a female CEO in finance and technology should mean the same thing as being a male CEO in the industry. Yet sadly, it is still a differentiator. If I can represent opportunity, aspiration even, and encourage other girls, teens and women to pursue careers in these sectors, that is brilliant. Gender and perceptions of gender strength should not be a barrier to entry. Diverse contribution matters!”

Before joining onefourzero, Fleur founded a digital marketing agency, which she sold in 2019, after which she consulted for digital and tech-led firms on the sell side, helping to manage them to 9-figure commercial exit. With experience across web, mobile, TV and print, Fleur has delivered industry-leading marketing and operations strategy at board level in consultative and client-side roles.

Fleur joined Level 20 in 2019 and actively promotes the nurturing of female talent within finance and is an elected fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA), an organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges. Additionally, she works with the Migrant Help ‘I Have Dreams’ project as a mentor for refugees and those seeking asylum to help them establish companies in the UK. “The idea is to help where I can in breaking through barriers that hold individuals back,” adds Fleur.

About the accolade, Ben Martin, Managing Director of onefourzero, said: “Fleur delivers change at both a company and industry level. She has built a company and product suite that connects the complex needs of Private Equity with the rapidly evolving data ecosystem. Fleur’s opportunity, recognition and execution have led to onefourzero’s rapid growth even during a time of global uncertainty. She leads by example, fostering a culture of integrity, collaboration and curiosity that drives innovation in all areas of the business.”