Digital Due Diligence

Using current and historic digital data on audiences, activity, consumer sentiment and operational efficiency to quantify brand equity, market position and performance, along with modelled headroom and opportunities for growth.


Benefitting both buy-side and sell-side of investment transactions, rodust digital data, triangulated through multiple sources, provides a clear indication to the health and opportunity of any digital business, and can act as a proxy for wide market trends.

Digital Due Dilligence can be used in early stages for market mapping, or during later stage diligence for deep interrogation into management hypotheses and digital growth modelling.

Our experienced commercial, digital and technical analysts use more than 15 data sources from leading global technology providers to cover all aspects of analytics and analysis, creating concise, straightforward reports with clear commercial recommendations and insights.

Digital Due Diligence Services

  • Market Analysis

    Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, market share of key competitors, market trends, as well as identifying opportunities and headroom for growth.

  • Platform Analysis

    Benchmarking engagement and audience usage across desktop and mobile devices, as well as modelling sales or conversion performance against the sector.

  • Marketing Strategy Validation

    Diligence to understand strategies used within the sector, effectiveness, opportunity and risk, and to forecast potential growth strategies with detailed recommendations by channel (e.g. Paid Search, SEO, Content Marketing).

  • Commercial Performance

    Detailed assessment and recommendations for ongoing KPIs around audiences, engagement, marketing split and website / app performance.

  • Brand Equity

    In-depth analysis of sentiment towards each brand or product in the competitor set, identifying volume of consumer conversation as well as key topics of conversation and the impact they have on overall reputation.

  • 100-day Planning

    Priorities and strategies following potential investment, modelling for impact and opportunity using internal and external benchmarks.

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