Here at onefourzero, we often have catch-up meetings with clients to give insights into the markets and trends. This is all normal practice when cultivating business partnership relationships, of course. We are, after all, here to help and have access to up-to-the-minute market data.

However, we have noticed that many assume that a data-led approach to commercial and digital diligence is a consumer-only play. This is not the case—data-led commercial diligence, which involves understanding a firm’s go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition efficiencies, and internal data and tech capabilities and technology diligence, which involves understanding the robustness and innovation of a company’s comparative technological structure, are seamlessly applied across all sectors in an increasingly digital-first world. 

Onefourzero Assists More Than Just Consumer-oriented Firms

They are also services that we provide. But, when we start talking about data-led diligence in relation to commercial or digital diligence, we find that the conversation almost immediately switches to consumer implementations. So, while onefourzero’s story began with financial services and consumer-focused businesses, these sectors are far from being our sole focus. 

SaaS data-led diligence

With each year that we have been in business, the number of clients in other industries grows. For example, many of our projects involve working with B2B organisations, primarily SaaS providers. We also spend a significant amount of our time aiding companies in the healthcare and industrials and manufacturing industries.

To demonstrate how data-led diligence is useful for more than consumer-oriented businesses, we will now explore some of our recent non-consumer case studies.


Over the last few years, we’ve worked with various healthcare businesses with due diligence and value creation services. Our diligence services enable healthcare companies and investors to obtain a global and hyper-local analysis of service demand split by treatment, product or clinic for target assets. Additionally, we monitor and benchmark patient sentiment towards a specific asset’s healthcare products or services and assess technical optimization across target platforms to assess the digital patient journey. 

Regarding value creation, we help healthcare companies and investors road map modelled headroom potential and KPIs and implement strategies to attract patients at all stages of the symptom-diagnosis-treatment funnel. But that’s not all; our one-stop data solution threesixty empowers investors interested in healthcare to monitor digital and commercial KPIs. 

Case study: Surrogacy and egg donation provider 

A private equity firm approached us to conduct digital due diligence on a full-suite provider of egg donation and surrogacy services to validate its strong presence on digital customer acquisition channels. We helped to answer several key questions:

surrogacy and egg donation data led-diligence
Our approach

We aided the surrogacy and egg donation provider in several ways:

Market efficiencies and positioning: We mapped the evolution of each channel’s traffic and conversion rates to assess efficacy pre and post-pandemic, which allowed us to gain insight into areas for further optimization. 

Global and hyper-local demand analysis: We segmented demand by cohort, demographic, state-level and country-level search data. This allowed the client to gain granular insight into where and how potential patients and donors were sourcing information.

Identification of value creation growth levers: We analyzed cross-channel customer acquisition efficiencies alongside broader brand-building strategies to reveal opportunities to invest in further paid activities and technical optimization to capture top-of-the-funnel demand and win over new customers.

Industrials and Manufacturing

We’ve helped industrial and manufacturing companies with our diligence and value creation services. These companies partner with us because we provide global and hyper-local analysis of service demand across B2B and B2C customers. Additionally, we conduct marketing channel audits to gauge efficiencies around e-commerce customer acquisition and retention, and we can also help businesses and investors understand regulatory hurdles that have the potential to act as barriers to digital growth.

We also help industrial and manufacturing companies by conducting channel checks split by geography and demographic to inform research and development and service enhancement. Additionally, we also conduct digital and data maturity assessments to uncover how effectively internal and external data is used to inform the user experience and broader commercial initiatives. Finally, our proprietary one-stop data solution, threesixty, is a useful tool for industrial and manufacturing companies. The self-managed tool allows companies and investors to closely monitor their digital and commercial KPIs.

industrials and manufacturing data-led diligence

Case study: ESG benchmarks for plastic items

A private equity firm aimed to benchmark ESG considerations, including plastic packaging, that affect consumer spaces to predict where the industry is heading and the best course of action to effectively navigate this. We helped to answer several key questions, including:

Our approach

We approached this project in three ways:

Historic and live data: We contextualized near-term trends within the broader trajectory of conversation in the space using historic and live data. In addition, we implemented big data methodologies to scrape from multiple review sites, forums and social media platforms to gain a comprehensive view of consumer opinion.

Big data insights: We used these big data insights to infer changes in consumer habits relating to ESG criteria.

Opportunities and risks analysis: We advised the client on the potential opportunities and risks in the space.

Data-Led Diligence is Useful For All Sectors

A data-led approach to commercial and digital diligence is not just a consumer play. Understanding the ins and outs of a firm, including consumer sentiment, marketing efficiencies, competitor analysis, internal data usage, capabilities, compliance and IT, is absolutely vital in all industries, not only consumer-oriented ones. So if you need the assistance of a due diligence provider that supports investors and brands throughout the entire M&A lifecycle—you can learn more about our diligence services here.