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onefourzero is proud to announce the launch of its latest investment consulting product – the ‘Dashboard’.

What is it?

A tool for Tracking brands and their competitors.  The one-stop dashboard provides data display and top-line analysis of the digital market you are interested in, including marketing strategy, website/mobile effectiveness, audience movement, sentiment analysis, conversion metrics and more.

Who is it for?

Private Equity Firms, Investors, Investment Management and Brand Directors.

And anyone who wants to know how a brand is performing compared to competitors or the sector overall.


The Dashboard offers 360 understanding of the impact of marketing, audiences, platforms and pricing on commercial sales and future trends. The Dashboard collates data for 3 or more competitors from multiple datasets and presents them in one place with a user-friendly interface.

Data is compiled to give you clear and concise insights into:

  • Market Share index
  • Brand Equity Index
  • Marketing Effectiveness Index
  • Digital sales conversion index
  • Growth index

Plus detailed modules that draw out:

  • Market Demand
  • Audience Penetration
  • Traffic Share
  • Brand Spend
  • Audience Sentiment
  • Audience Intent
  • Lead Conversion
  • Sales Conversion
  • Pricing Index
  • Trade Value Index

And if you require further breakdown and detail we can provide…

  • Marketing Channels monitors
  • Audiences breakdown (age / gender / location)
  • Trend and topic alerts

Yeah right, that’s going to cost the earth!

Not really. We offer all this data in 3 packages, the pricing difference being the amount of time you have with one of our consultants in support of this.

This means that if you need us to interrogate any data, flag any market trends as they happen or just want to have a chat, you can call us.

Why a Dashboard?

Convenient – Instant access to real-time data of your company’s performance in relation to its key competitors on a centralized platform offering cross-channel digital data.

Efficient – it saves having to cross-reference marketing and market reports.  You can see all of this data, blended and referenced in one place (at a fraction of the combined cost)

Consultative – Option to have access to one of our expert digital consultants to help interpret results.

Cost effective – More cost-effective and convenient than commissioning intermittent digital consulting projects.


To find out more about how onefourzero’s dashboard can help you identify opportunities for growth and potential risks, contact fleur@onefourzerogroup.com