Our Clients

We build strong, long term relationships with our clients, which is why we place their needs at the centre of ours.


Delivering for our clients is onefourzero’s number one priority. We aim to provide a unique digital insight, giving our clients a competitive edge online.

We work with private equity firms to inform future investment decisions and provide strategy to improve the online performance of their current portfolio.

Our reports and projects are developed for clients working in all sectors, including retail, dining, technology, travel, leisure, health and education.

Meet some of our clients

Recent Case Studies


Analysis of Italian Retail Marklet

onefourzero provided a full market analysis report on the supermarket retail sector in Italy. We assessed the digital marketplace to understand the digital demand, competitive landscape, market penetration and opportunities for growth and improvement. Our assessment included customer purchasing criteria, shopper profiling, and customers’ brand perception.


Digital Strategy Audit of US Fashion Brand

onefourzero undertook a marketing analysis project for an American fashion retailer. We performed digital diligence to understand effectiveness, opportunity and risk of the brand, and to forecast potential growth strategies. Our assessment included keyword search volumes, traffic sources, PPC campaign analysis, competitor analysis, social volume & trend analysis, and social sentiment analysis.

Denmark, Sweden and UK

Digital Diligence on International Food Asset

onefourzero carried out a full digital due diligence report for a food & drink sector company in Denmark and Sweden who were planning an expansion to the UK. This report included market analysis, marketing analysis and platform analysis. We assessed the digital marketplace, performed digital diligence to understand opportunity & risk, and benchmarked conversion performance against the sector and competitors.