ChicGeek: Life After Brexit

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The website ChickGeek has published an article about fashion investments in the UK and how Brexit will affect the market. Our Managing Director Fleur Hicks was interviewed by the editor Marcus Jaye, alongside other experts in the industry.

“UK Trade benefitted from a goods export boom in July. Official figures showed the deficit in goods dropped to £10 billion in July from £10.7 billion the previous month. Including service, the overall trade gap fell to just £111 million, one of the best monthly results in the past 20 years. In the three months to July, overall goods exports grew by £4.3 billion while imports rose by £3.7 billion. This came largely from trading with countries outside the EU.

‘It looks like Brexit is going to be a good thing for luxury fashion as people in the US and China take advantage on preferential tariffs coming from the UK’ says Fleur Hicks, Managing Director of onefourzero, a data analytics and digital research agency.”

Read the full article here.

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