Celebrating The Women at onefourzero

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International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is also a day for raising issues that are still occurring for women, for example, the gender pay gap. 

Learn more about the women at onefourzero and check out their profiles below!

Aleksandra Fournier

What is your role at onefourzero?
“I am a Senior Commercial Analyst, which means I am in charge of leading a team of analysts and consultants and delivering insights to clients across the financial sector”.

Are there any issues that you have faced as a professional woman?

“The workplace is not always an equal playing field. Women are often paid less and they are underrepresented in leadership positions; this can be very discouraging for those trying to grow within the company. Here at onefourzero, we are not discriminated against on the basis of our gender. However, I have had experience in my previous roles where people were taking me lightly. I also witnessed a gender wage gap, prejudice from male colleagues as well discrimination on the basis of pregnancy/motherhood”.

Dasom Na

What is your role at onefourzero?

“As the Senior Commercial Analyst, I lead M&A Due Diligence projects with a group of 1-3 other analysts”.

Have you faced any issues as a woman in tech?

“There is an imbalance of the genders across the sector, including within onefourzero – though this is due to lack of candidates. I can however confidently say that our company is moving towards gender equality, with strong support from our CEO”.

Magaux Leblanc

What is your role at onefourzero?

“As a Junior Commercial Analyst, I gather, analyse, and visualise data to help our clients better understand the commercial potential of their assets, and provide them with actionable insight to grow their brand”.

Is there anything you have had to overcome as a woman in tech?

“The main limitation to my academic shift from social sciences to tech was probably my own perception of the sector, as it seemed so closed off and inaccessible to me. I realised as I started to learn about its many facets with online courses, articles, and podcasts, through exploring my niche interests within the subject I found it a lot less intimidating, as well making the course thoroughly enjoyable”.

Emmery Slinger

What is your role at onefourzero?

“As an executive assistant and marketing personnel, I assist with the coordination of all business development in the US, content production, campaigns and organisation across the company as a whole”.

Have you had to overcome any issues as a professional woman?

“The main challenge I have had to overcome in the workplace is my own self-confidence as being a woman, when first starting out in the “working world” I found myself feeling self-conscious of my knowledge and talent being surrounded by men. I have learned how to overcome that by seeing how many women there are in the world, surrounded by men, who still pursue their dreams and run workplaces/companies”.

Jennifer McNamara

What is your role at onefourzero?

“I handle the marketing, global content and social media channels for onefourzero. This involves creating content plans then producing social media posts and graphics. I write the blogs and PR content also”.

Are there any issues that you have faced as a professional woman?

“There have been times throughout my career that I feel I have been approached with issues such as ‘not sounding friendly enough’ or ‘not smiling enough’ yet if I was a man, there wouldn’t be an issue. It is so important to be self-assured and confident in your abilities as a woman. The same people who tried to tell me the goals I had set for myself were unrealistic have witnessed me succeed”.

Olivia Wesson

What’s your role at onefourzero?

“I am a Product Designer and Developer responsible for leading the development of our new products and services, from design to launch”.

Are there any issues you have had to face as a professional woman?

“It’s important to find your voice and feel confident in your abilities and ideas – don’t be afraid to make yourself heard or stand up for your ideas, even though it is not always easy. Finding that self-confidence, that belief that you are so much more capable than what you’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate or experience so far is the most important thing I have had to do in my career”.

Women supporting women

Fleur Hicks

Through the Dream Academy, Fleur offers 1:1 mentoring sessions to help refugees and those seeking asylum identify and take the steps needed to achieve their goals. So far she has helped to support two women through their migrant-to-business journey in the UK.

The whole team at onefourzero got stuck in this international women’s day by having a ‘Big Lunch In’ to support the Girls Friendly Society. Any money that would have been spent on lunch was instead donated during the event. GFS aim to encourage and support girls through hosting after school sessions in which they support the development and encouragement of young girls in multiple different ways. 

Fleur is a contributing member of Level 20 which is an organisation that empowers women in finance and private equity to continue in their career ambitions and to encourage other young women and students to do the same.

As an elected fellow at RSA Fleur contributes to creating change across several incentives ranging from the environment to female worker’s rights.