EdTech is Fuelling the Future of Work and Learning


2020 was a breakout year for EdTech.  Global EdTech venture capital firms raised a staggering $16.1 billion in 2020 as students of all age groups and nationalities continued their education remotely. At the beginning of the pandemic, almost 1.4 billion students, who make up approximately 80% of learners worldwide, were impacted by school closures. Online […]

What Next for Consumer Brands?

ecommerce booms during Covid-19 lockdown

In a few short weeks, many changes have rocked the way businesses operate, and few can claim to have been unaffected by the coronavirus crisis. onefourzero looks at the data that could indicate brand strength and future investment strategies post Covid-19

The effects of climate change in retail and hospitality

climate change retail hospitality

It’s official: February 2019 was the hottest month on record in Britain, the Met Office has confirmed. With temperatures reaching 21.2°C, it was hard to believe that, a year earlier, the country was facing the “Beast from the East”, with heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures. To put in context, the average temperature in February is […]

Farewell to Free Movement: 2019 Migration Report Update

migration report

onefourzero and GK Strategy are delighted to announce the launch of our latest report, Farewell to Free Movement: 2019 Update. This migration report follows on from previous research on the same subject in 2018 and 2017.  You can read the latest report for free now: Migration Report Update 2019 While last year’s report found a significant […]

Bye, London: Brexit exodus worsen housing crisis in EU cities


Since the Brexit referendum, we have seen financial businesses relocating their staff or operations to other EU financial centres. Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Luxembourg are some of the most popular destinations. However, Frankfurt remains the frontrunner. Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and UBS, for example, have moved hundreds of staff to the German city. As […]

The benefits of data for the Life Sciences sector


On the 22nd January, onefourzero attended GK Strategy’s Life Sciences Sector Deal event, which assessed the second Life Sciences Deal published at the end of 2018. For those unfamiliar with the area, Life Sciences sector deals are intended to promote collaboration between pharmaceutical and health tech sectors, charities, government agencies and the NHS. This is […]

Sustainability concerns power up electric cars market


Go green or go home! As consumers grow more and more environmentally conscious, the steps to reduce their carbon footprint have permeated most aspects of everyday life. It’s not just about recycling waste or turning off lights anymore, it’s about investing in long-term solutions to minimize the damage – solutions such as electric cars. Is […]

PropTech and Digital Data

proptech digital data

Historically, the real estate industry has been resistant to changes. However, as technology advances and disrupts most businesses, the property sector realised it was time to embrace change – and so PropTech was born. Well, kind of. In the US, the term CRE Tech has been used for a while and refers to technology innovations […]

Mangia bene: what we can learn from the Italian casual dining sector

italian casual dining sector

Italy has long been hailed the home of the best food money can buy – a country where you would struggle to not find a delicious place to eat on any corner. In recent years, the Italian casual dining sector may have faced some big challenges, but it now appears to be recovering as consumers […]

How Digital Data can change the Pharma industry

pharma industry digital data

Download a PDF version of this article here. The pharma industry is undergoing its most difficult shift in a long time, as the inevitability of embracing digital data and engagement draws closer, and yet compliance and considerations of legislation remain as complex as ever. But, as onefourzero’s data shows, digital data is showing that there […]