How Digital Data can change the Pharma industry

pharma industry digital data

Download a PDF version of this article here. The pharma industry is undergoing its most difficult shift in a long time, as the inevitability of embracing digital data and engagement draws closer, and yet compliance and considerations of legislation remain as complex as ever. But, as onefourzero’s data shows, digital data is showing that there […]

Who is AI customer service really helping?


Making headlines with robots and self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has more quietly infiltrated a growing range of business functions and is anticipated to reach near ubiquity as an alternative to traditional outsourcing in areas such as customer service. Research by technology firm IBM predicts that by 2020 more than 85% of all customer service […]

UK more aware of recyclables


Sometimes bad news can bring good news. The increased amount of environmental-related stories in the media, most of them terrifying updates on our suffering planet, seems to be having a positive effect on the public. In the past few years, the number of online searches for information related to recycling has been growing consistently. Since […]

Net Sentiment: Can social data explain the Wagamama phenomenon?


This week, the Financial Times revealed that popular casual dining chain Wagamama, valued at up to £750 million, could be sold as early as this summer. Launched in 1992, the chain has grown to over 130 restaurants in the UK, alongside more than 60 abroad. Last year saw sales grow by 8%, in stark contrast […]

Brexit economic uncertainty or seasonality? Why the restaurant sector is seeing a decline

Brexit: Economic Uncertainty or Seasonality

Why is the restaurant sector seeing a decline? Economic uncertainty following Brexit and Trump has reduced the disposable incomes of many, increasing the preference of “dining in” as opposed to “dining out”. Restaurants: like-for-like sales -0.6% Pubs: like-for-like sales -1.2% YOY sales: -1.0% Intent to go out: -2.93% Political impact on decision to go out: […]

US Elections 2016: analysis and prediction

US Elections, analysis and prediction

Love them or hate them, someone is going to win the US Elections 2016. Observations: Trump consistently gets stronger responses than Clinton, even when they are negative. The audience either explicitly displays intense admiration or intense hatred for Trump. Trump scores lower for “correctness”, but scores higher for engagement. Check our graphics report to learn […]

Labour: Still the people’s party? [Infographic]

Following the UK’s shocking Brexit results, the Labour party has been in turmoil, with Corbyn’s leadership under significant threat. More than forty Shadow Ministers have resigned, and Corbyn lost a no-confidence motion by an incredible 172 votes to 40. Furthermore, as of 30th June 2016, Only 31% percent of Labour Party Members believed that Corbyn would […]

Brexit – can online audience data predict the result?

referendum share of voice_200616

Brexit: It’s the hot topic on everyone’s twitter feeds and everyone in the UK and mainland Europe is waiting with baited breath to understand what the results of the referendum hold for the future of the EU. The FT aggregate and BBC Poll Tracker are citing an exact 50:50 split today, with marginal differentials between online and offline data. So, […]