Data Integrity, Compliance and Assurance

Alternative data

It is essential that data from any source be legally compliant and ethically sourced. That is not up for discussion. But what happens when the lines are blurred? Or laws change? Well, here at onefourzero we trade on good data and ensuring data integrity is at the fore of what we do. We have built […]

onefourzero supports Elysian Capital’s investment in D3O

Elysian Capital D3O

Elysian Capital work with growth companies with aspirational management teams seeking support to unlock the full potential of their businesses. The company prides itself on being both pragmatic and diligent. As a result, the organisation is committed to deep reviews of assets of interest to identify areas of success and areas that need substantial improvement. […]

How to Assess Your Digital Maturity

Digital maturity

Digital maturity is a measure of an organisation’s ability to create true value through digital means. Digital maturity is not strictly confined to the technology a company uses. An organisation can have access to the most cutting-edge technology on the market, but if their employees don’t use it correctly, they cannot define themselves as truly […]

How digital diligence went mainstream

data has a better idea

In depth digital analytics was once the preserve of consumer marketing teams, but increasingly investors and management teams are turning to digital data to drive acquisitions, value creation strategies and digital transformation projects. We look at why digital data has become such a widely used proxy, and how digital diligence is becoming a mandatory requirement […]

Investment In Digital Is No Longer Optional for Private Equity

82% of Private Equity General Partners view mature digital investments as value driver at exit. This is according to findings in a report by West Monroe, published last week.  “There is a real recognition that digital transcends the typical perception of ‘having a website’ and asset owners are coming to understand that digital infrastructure is […]